(EN) Bulgarian Travel Bloggers I Follow

Here I would like to share with you the Bulgarian travel bloggers who have inspired me to travel during the last 6-7 years. Some of them continue traveling and sharing so keep an eye on the links below. Enjoy your virtual trips 🙂

Gone With the Backpack – Elena has been travelling around the world since 2011 ALONE. I found the blog by chance a few years ago and I can’t stop checking it from time to time. It keeps surprising and inspiring me to travel alone one day.

GOAL: to see as much as possible of the country I am in, meet the people, see how they live, what they are like, get to know them. For others is the food or the party, the adrenalin, the nature…I appreciate all that but for me PEOPLE make the difference.”

Travel Map

The Big Mañana – Eli and Vasko’s trip around South America in 2011 with their one- age -old (then) daughter Yana, later hitting Southeast Asia with the family’s fourth member 🙂 You can imagine my surprise when after 3 years of following the blog I saw Vasil in our office finding out he has become a colleague of mine not long ago !

Travel Map

Hitchhiking the world with Tery Robin – if you are looking for a true inspiration this is the place! Tery has been traveling around the world for 10 years alone (another female solo traveler). Reading her blog you could find very useful information about hitchhiking a lot of countries. The first BG traveler I found who has visited that many African countries so you could imagine how excited I was when I starter reading the blog. I will put a part of her introduction here  as I can’t describe it better 🙂

                                                                                                                       ” I’m Terry – a strange creature from the town of Haskovo, Bulgaria, not at the right place in this century and among these people. I love to travel by hitchhiking and walking, I love difficulties and adventures, and i really hate comfort and security. I am not afraid of anything in life or death, i don’t value my own life… Until now i completed a number of short and three very long trips (8 months, 10 months and 2 years), hitchhiking across all continents except Antarctica. I got to know Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, South and parts of North America. Everywhere took me my thumb and my mad pursuit of adventure and danger, which does not give me peace. “

Travel Map

Sailing around the world with The Life Nomadic this is definitely not a standard way of travelling… especially when you have two kinds. Is it possible to travel for years on catamaran and take care of your kids’ education? Take a look and enjoy the wonderful ocean views and stories from lands far far away from here. Unfortunately their website is not maintained anymore.

Sharing Is Everything– One of the first blogs I started to read systematically years ago. The African hitchhiking stories Lora (and Genata at that time)  shared were one of the reasons to fall in love with the continent. I have read them on and on and shared every post with tons of people. I finally met Lora face to face during one of her presentations and invited her to talk in front of a bunch of colleagues in the office.  I am still following her adventures (mainly in India), this time with her little son 🙂

If you don’t have any plan nothing can go wrong. If you don’t have any expectations everything is a great surprise. If you don’t have destination you just enjoy the road.”

Travel Map

Into the wilderness with Ivan Pankev ! If you like long treks, nature, spending days away from civilization, breathtaking mountain views and camping  – you should definitely check Ivan’s blog. He is also very keen on history and photography- something you could easily notice. Take your time and enjoy all the gorgeous landscapes captured by his lenses.

The Magic of Traveling – Bistra and Nace travel the world together for more than 5 years visiting 5 continents and sharing all their stories not only in their blog but also in a book! I had a pleasure to meet them in the Travelers club in Sofia where they presented one of their trips.

Travel Map

Enjoy reading!

   … to be continued 😉

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